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Big Data Solutions at the Weather Channel Analytics Team

Dr. Inna Rytsareva
The Weather Channel
Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Lanier Suite, Room 216, Student Center East

The Weather Company has gone through a transformation over the past 4 years taking us from a Cable TV focused company to a Big Data Technology leader. The state of analytics also has undergone drastic changes to keep up with the business requirements. One of the biggest challenges in analytics is to make reasonable choices for a comprehensive suite of application development tools and storage solutions that enables the team to operate with more agility and speed. This presentation focuses on a powerhouse combination of Cassandra and Spark, which provides a high-speed platform for both real-time and batch analysis.

Speaker's Bio: 

Inna Rytsareva is a Data Scientist in the Weather Channel. Her work focuses on Machine Learning, High-Performance Computing and Graph Algorithms. Inna received her PhD in Computer Science from Washington State University under the supervision of Ananth Kalyanaraman and her Masters in Bioinformatics from Mississippi Valley State University. Prior to joining the Weather Channel, she worked for the CDC, vmware and Dow AgroSciences.