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Object Video Games: Interface and Internals

Al Nelson
Tripwire Interactive
Thursday, February 4, 2016 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Student Center East, Capital Suite, Room 203

In this talk, I’ll take an object-oriented view of the computer games business:

  • Defining: What are games; what is the games business?
  • Public Methods 1 – Inputs: The technologies and skills most needed in games
  • Public Methods 2 – Interface: Getting a job in the games industry
  • Results Returned: Providing a service to game makers
  • A New Instance: Starting an indie game business
Speaker's Bio: 

After originally working in traditional mass media, Al Nelson moved to game development in 1991. While he has also managed medical and financial projects, he has primarily worked as a game producer and manager. He has worked for Electronic Arts and Sony and is currently the senior producer at Tripwire Interactive, the creators of Killing Floor and Rising Storm. Al has a special interest in behavioral game design concepts and formal trend prediction.