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Q&A - Big Data and Its Implications for the IT Industry

Preetpal Singh
Thursday, January 19, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Student Center East rm 217

In this event, Preetpal will interact with students about: (1) What is big data? (2) How is it changing the IT application landscape? (3) How to further a career in this space. With an enterprise experience ranging from application of big data technologies in large corporations to startups, Preetpal will share his perspective on big data applications. Having helped many folks launch a career in big data, Preetpal has a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful. In a Q&A-style format, Preetpal will help outline a path to shape your career

Speaker's Bio: 

Preetpal Singh is a chief architect (big data) and a founding principal at Hashmap, helping large organizations set up an enterprise data strategy that includes big data. Preetpal helps customers innovate, discover use-cases, implement, and operationalize in production use-cases enabled by a big data strategy. He and his team deliver solutions ranging from data sciences, business intelligence, realtime CEP/IOT, digital enablement, processing offloads, MDM/governance, security, and data lakes to NoSQL platforms. Preetpal has a diverse technical background working with various technologies (big data, SOA, DW/BI, Web 2.0, mainframe, etc) and business verticals. Preetpal is passionate about coding and develops prototypes in the lab. Preetpal is also passionate about programming learning activities with high school students.