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Coding Bootcamps & Securing A Job in Web Development

Jake Hadden
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Student Center East rm 217

Jake Hadden, Co-Founder of DigitalCrafts, will provide insight into the quickly growing world of Coding Bootcamps while also shedding light on how to stand out in the pursuit of a junior-level web or software development job. Coding Bootcamps are short, intense, learning programs designed to provide individuals the skills necessary to secure an entry-level job in development. Jake leads the career services for DigitalCrafts and enjoys helping individuals achieve their career goals.

Speaker's Bio: 

Jake Hadden, Co-Founder of DigitalCrafts Jake Hadden is a Co-Founder & Director of Student Services for DigitalCrafts, a top rated coding bootcamp headquartered in the Atlanta Tech Village with campuses in both Atlanta, GA, and Houston, TX. DigitalCrafts is on a mission to create a community of builders, each equipped with the skills and tools necessary to breathe life into ideas, whether as entrepreneurs or software engineers. Prior to DigitalCrafts, Jake worked for Interface, Inc., the world’s largest textile manufacturer. While serving as the Global Manager of Interface’s Innovation Accelerator (think an internal “Shark Tank” process), Jake gained international working experience in Europe and Asia-Pacific while unearthing the company’s next big innovation to bring to market. While leading the innovation accelerator, Jake quickly realized his passion for helping others achieve their business and career goals which ultimately led him to start DigitalCrafts. Leading up to Interface, Jake worked for Accenture as a management consultant with a specific focus on mergers & acquisitions in the telecommunications industry. Jake graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Banking and Finance, and he is married to his college sweetheart Erin Hadden. Outside of work, Jake enjoys fly fishing and camping.