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"AI first" - Introduction of Deep Learning

Chris Benson
Accenture Analytics
Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Student Center East Room 217

Deep learning will impact nearly every industry on the planet, and there will be countless opportunities to take advantage of this technology.  Google CEO Sundar Pichai asserts that while the last decade was about ‘mobile-first’, the next decade will be about ‘AI-first’.  Deep learning is where many of the most significant innovations in AI are occurring - self-driving cars, self-organizing drone swarms, computer vision, conversational interfaces, gene editing, emotion recognition, etc.,

Over the next decade, deep learning models will become common components within system architectures, and software engineers will be expected to design, develop, and deploy deep learning microservices into production.  In this session, we will introduce the fundamentals of deep learning, and explore how deep learning is integrated into a modern system architecture.

Speaker's Bio: 

Chris Benson has been a software engineer for two decades, a Gopher since 2014, and was originally introduced to ‘deep learning’ in the 1990s. His passion for deep learning became the catalyst for a career pivot into artificial intelligence strategy and machine learning architecture in 2017.  Chris now specializes in deep learning, about which he often evangelizes, presents, and instructs.  Chris is an Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect, and he earned the Machine Learning Certificate on Coursera from Stanford University. He is the founder and Organizer of the Atlanta Deep Learning Meetup.