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Data Science: Challenges and Opportunities

Semir Sarajlic
Principal Data Analytics Engineer at Research Solutions, XSEDE Campus Champion Fellow
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Student Center East Room 217

<p>Data proliferation across all domains is enabled by the advancement in data sharing and procurement that has led to an explosion in the volume, velocity, veracity, and variety of data. The exponential growth in data has provided opportunities for machine learning algorithms and computational algorithms that benefit from greater availability of data. Hence, rapid growth in the importance of data science is making researchers dependent on advanced research computing infrastructure, which presents both opportunities and challenges. I will provide an overview of current advanced research computing resources that are available to researchers and the challenges that researchers experience in accessing these resources, along with efforts to mitigate these challenges. As an example, I will discuss one of our low-cost cloud-based data analytics solutions in which we used R within a serverless architecture. Furthermore, I will discuss local and national resources available to our GSU research community and how to access the appropriate resources.</p>

Speaker's Bio: 

<p>Semir Sarajlic is a data scientist with expertise in advanced research computing, data analytics, geosciences, GIS, and business operations in research computing and research administration. Semir obtained his B.S and M.S. degrees in Geology/Geoscience along with a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS) from Georgia State University. After graduating in 2013, Semir worked at GSU&rsquo;s IIT and later Research Solutions, where he and his colleagues supported the campus research computing community. Currently, he serves as a Principal Data Analytics Engineer at Research Solutions, where he focuses on providing low-cost cloud-based analytics solutions for research administration. Semir is a PI and Chair of the Scientific Computing Day symposium (, and he serves as a Co-Principal Investigator on an NSF collaborative research project. He is a member of the XSEDE User Requirements Evaluation and Prioritization group, an XSEDE Campus Champion, and an FY2018 XSEDE Campus Champion Fellow. Semir holds a GISP (Certified GIS Professional) certificate from the GIS Certification Institute, and he obtained certificates in Grant Writing and Big Data Analytics from Emory University.</p>